Technology at the service of Planet and People: 6 projects that help to regenerate our ecosystems for a better life

For many, innovation is the successful exploitation of ideas; the oft-repeated act of applying new technical changes to businesses to achieve greater profits, growth, sustainability and competitiveness. However, in the 21st century, innovation is essential to respond to the great challenges that humanity faces in meeting the needs of people, for their very survival. Undoubtedly, innovation is the way and the guide to a future in which technology and society go hand in hand to preserve nature, the planet we inhabit and which many say, with some wisdom, that there is no copy. In today's post, we bring you 6 innovative projects that contribute to trace the path towards a lifestyle more balanced with the environment and that could not exist without technological development. TESLA GIGAFACTORY 1 The Tesla Gigafactory 1, located in Reno (Nevada), is a huge lithium battery factory. Up to this point one would think little of [...]


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