GENESIS is the first NFT from Fastlove Studios.

Limited edition of 300 units.

This virtual ticket gives you direct access inside Fastlove Studios to collaboratively build the future we want.

GENESIS_FLS #001.1 makes you a lifetime member and gives you a VOTE in the decision making process of our future projects.

This NFT gives you access to many benefits and gifts - Find them all at PERKS.

For starters, you get the NFTee T-shirt for free. Choose your size.

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GENESIS_FLS #001.1 holders will be the very first to be invited to discuss proposals and craft the path of Fastlove Studios, along with many other priority perks, benefits and utilities that will be eventually unlock.

-VOICE & VOTE. Direct dialogue and participation in decision making processes

-EXPERIENCES. Direct dialogue and participation in decision making processes.

-DISCOUNTS & AIRDROPS. Discounts and airdrops of products and upcoming projects.

-PRODUCTS. Access to exclusive products and early access to drops.

-EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. Access to articles, interviews, courses, newsletters and much more.

This NFT comes with a unique t-shirt as a gift that links you directly to the community.

We apply sustainability criteria to all our projects, which is why this t-shirt is100% organic cotton.

We performed a Life Cycle Assessment of the t-shirt with our partner Bcome to identify and correct potential social and environmental impacts..

Click here to to check traceability and sustainability data.

We offset the Carbon Footprint of our NFTs by more than 110% of the associated CO2 emissions, through the purchase of 7 tons from NORI for this Regenerative Agriculture project, in order to be CARBON NEGATIVE


** Contract Name: Fastlove Studios

** Contract Address contract

** NFT Type: ERC1155

** Blockchain: Ethereum

** Platform: MINTFLOC

** Units: 300

** IPFS Metadata


● Do I need an Ethereum address to buy the NFT GENESIS_FLS #001.1?

No, you don´t need it for purchasing the NFT, yet you will have to provide your Ethereum address for receiving your NFT. If you have not one, no worries, you can go ahead and we will help you to create it later. As soon as you create an Ethereum Address, you would have to sign up and let it us know. We will then transfer the NFT directly to your Ethereum Address. Upon the purchase, you are the rightful owner of the NFT, and we will keep it until you have your address created and share it with us.

● What are the accepted payment methods?

You can pay by Credit Card, Paypal or Crypto (through the Coinbase Commerce widget).

● Do I need to pay shipping costs to receive the free NFTee t-shirt?

No, we cover all the shipping costs to your physical address.

● How do I use my NFT?

You can use your NFT (with your crypto wallet such as MetaMask;) to unlock many perks and get exclusive access to our Discord while connecting your cryptowallet.

Know more abiut this NFT here&iacute.

GENESIS_FLS #001.1 is the first Fastlove Studios NFT.