Ethical Factories


There is only one possible wellbeing, the one that makes us feel good with ourselves, with the other and with the planet. And this Holistic Wellbeing is built by all of us.
All things are interconnected in this world and that is why changes to build a healthy future require shared commitments and co-responsibility.

Building relationships

At FastLove we spend a lot of time choosing the best suppliers and work closely with them, building strong personal and professional relationships to ensure that they perform at their best, and that they also take on our social and environmental commitments. We also invite them to share these commitments with their suppliers so that together we can build a critical mass that makes compliance with human rights, social justice and environmental impact management an essential part of doing business

For FastLove, it is a priority to collaboratively build production processes that address the major social, economic and environmental challenges facing our societies.

We have created a Code of Conduct for suppliers that sets out the ethical conditions and requirements that guide the way they must operate and ensure that our products are manufactured safely and fairly for people and the planet.

The code covers key issues relating to Human Rights, Workers' Rights, Health and Safety, Environmental Compliance and Quality. And for this we rely on the fundamental principles established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the labour recommendations of the ILO or the OECD guidelines, as well as the areas of environmental impact and indicators contained in the environmental management system ISO 14001.


We incorporate the Code of Conduct in the
collaboration agreements with suppliers. And to ensure compliance we apply an evaluation system as well as the development of audits. We apply the code to everything we do and include it in our contracts.

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