Carbon Footprint

Climate positive!

We want to restore the climate we need; restore the health of the planet and the well-being we deserve.

Climate change

The way we produce, distribute and consume has an impact on the planet and therefore on those of us who inhabit it.

Climate change, accelerated by the exponential increase in greenhouse gas emissions as a consequence of human action and our lifestyles, is the most threatening environmental crisis and has led us to a climate emergency that must be on everyone's agenda.

The only way to change is climate action. In this action we are all responsible, although brands undoubtedly have to take a step forward, firstly because our impacts are far greater than those of any citizen and secondly because responsibility and individual action can only be effective if the products and services that are consumed incorporate this commitment.


In FASTLOVE, under our idea of harmonizing the relationship between human being, nature and technology, we have proposed to MEASURE all the C02 emissions of our products and operations in order to, first of all, REDUCE in everything that depends directly on us and in what we can influence, to finally COMPENSATE our carbon footprint.

Our goal is to become a CARBON NEGATIVE company (removing at least 110% of CO2 from the atmosphere, i.e. more than we produce), thus striving to be CLIMATE POSITIVE. This is one of the ways in which we aspire to build a regenerative economy, moving from eliminating our negative impacts to creating positive impacts.

How does
offsetting work?

Offsetting is done through the Carbon Market and involves the purchase of carbon credits. There are many projects around the world that are oriented both to the elimination and capture of C02 from the atmosphere and the reduction of gases contributing to move towards renewable energies, and that adhere to the carbon market through which they generate credits that will later be purchased.

There are different standards such as the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard that guarantee the correct functioning of this activity.

There is a great variety of projects related to regenerative agriculture, reforestation, renewable energies, biofuels, etc. Many of them, in turn, have a focus on local development and emancipation of communities so they involve an environmental but also social commitment.

Our Measurement

Our intention is to carry out a complete Carbon Footprint offset, that is to say, to calculate and offset the emissions related to all our products and all our activity as a company.

For the Carbon Footprint of our products we have obtained the measurement of emissions as an indicator of the Life Cycle Analysis (Cradle to Grave) conducted by Bcome. And we offset our Carbon Footprint (purchase of carbon credits) with NORI. We do it through a Regenerative Agriculture project that directly sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. Unlike other offset projects that are oriented to the generation of green energies that do not remove CO2 from the atmosphere our offset is more expensive but is done through the capture and sequestration of carbon, which really is a path to regenerativity.

Since our intention is to be Carbon Negative, we offset 10% more than we emit, i.e. 110%.

You can see here our Carbon Footprint Offset Certificate

Can you help us to close the circle?

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry after the oil industry and generates 8% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions. That's why FastLove takes this commitment so seriously.

However, we need your help to close the loop because almost a third of the emissions associated with a product's life cycle (production, shipping, use and disposal) occur on the consumer side. In other words, the way we wash and care for our garment as well as the way we dispose of it carries with it a series of emissions that you can reduce.

Here are some ways to do this:

Prenda Care

Garment care

How to take care of your clothes so they last longer and
generate less impact

Guppy Bag


Meet the GuppyFriend bag to reduce the
generation of microplastics.

Second Hand

Sell your clothes on second hand platforms, extend
its useful life and we reward you


If you want to extend your commitment we propose that you calculate here
your Carbon Footprint. You can even generate your own offset.

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