Why did we lie our first NFT?

It's time for an alternative economy and a new governance. One in which power is decentralized, in which people as peers can build in equality and with collective strength, new ways of life.

What is the NFT GENESIS_FLS #001.1?

GENESIS_FLS #001.1 is the key that gives access to a powerful community where anyone can be a "prosumer" (proactive consumer), enjoy exclusive experiences and become an active subject in the decision-making process to build a co-governance through blockchain technology.

How can I buy a GENESIS_FLS #001.1?

Get your NFT (or as many as you want) directly in our shop.

Is GENESIS_FLS #001.1 crypto-art?

This NFT is also art but it goes beyond being a collectible to become a useful tool that activates participation experiences with Fastlove Studios.

Do I need an Ethereum address to buy the NFT GENESIS_FLS #001.1?

No, you do not need an Ethereum address to purchase the NFT, although you will need to have an Ethereum address and provide it to us to receive your NFT. If you don't have one, don't worry, you can make the purchase and we will help you create one later. As soon as you have created an Ethereum address you will have to LOG IN to your Fastlove Studios account and pass us the address. We will then transfer the NFT directly to your Ethereum address.

After the purchase, the NFT will be your legitimate property and we will simply keep it for you until you have created your account and share it with us.

How many units of GENESIS_FLS #001.1 are available?

300 units.

What are the accepted payment methods?

You can pay by Credit Card, Paypal or Crypto (through the Coinbase Commerce widget).

Why are you selling this NFT directly in your ecommerce instead of in a NFT Marketplace?

We want to make blockchain accessible so that more people know about it and increase its reach. And selling it this way is the best option to make the NFT buying process easy while saving Ethereum gas fees.

Why do you price in Euros instead of crypto (e.g. Ether)?

We want to democratize access to blockchain technology and its possibilities. Buying in Euros facilitates this access while keeping the price fixed so that it does not fluctuate with changes in the cryptocurrency market.

When will I receive my NFT?

We will send you the NFT within 1 to 10 days from the date of purchase and provision of the Ethereum address. If you purchase the NFT without an Ethereum address we will hold the NFT until you have created one and provided us with the number in your Fastlove Studios account to transfer the NFT to.

Where can I check if I have received my NFT?

We will send you the NFT within 72 hours from the date of purchase and provision of the Ethereum address. After transferring the NFT it will be available in your wallet. However, if you use Metamask you will not be able to see it directly.

Metamask receives and hosts NFTs but does not show them natively so we propose 3 options to see your NF:

- Enter Opensea and link your Metamask to see there the NFTs you have.

- Download the Rainbow app on your mobile and you will be able to link it with your Ethereum Address (the one you have offered to make the transfer). You only have to copy and paste in the indicated box and you will have linked Rainbow with Metamask. This way, through the Rainbow interface you will be able to see all your cryptoassets, including your NFTs like the one from Fastlove Studios.

- Use an asset viewer like (despite its ultra-crypto appearance, it's completely safe).

Check it out and you'll see that you already have your GENESIS_FLS #001.1

What are the perks of GENÉISIS_FLS #001.1?

Owners will be the first to be invited to discuss proposals and design the path of Fastlove Studios with your voice and your vote. You will also have access to exclusive experiences, discounts and airdrops, priority access to products, giveaways and access to restricted content on the website and Discord.

Where is the community?

We have a completely open community. You can join on Discord. If you have a Fastlove Studios NFT you will also have access to specific Discord channels.

How long is the NFT valid for?

∞. Forever and longer.

Do I have to pay gas costs to receive my NFT?

No, it's completely free. It is paid for by Fastlove Studios.

Do I have to pay shipping and handling to receive my complimentary NFtee t-shirt?

No. Fastlove Studios covers the shipping costs.

How do you calculate the NFT Carbon Footprint?

We offset the entire carbon footprint related to blockchain transactions based on estimates prior to smart contract deployment and NFT minting which are then adjusted if necessary when all transactions are completed.

We offset 110% of the estimated amount through NORI(check certificates) for this Regenerative Agricultureproject.

We use the CO2 figures provided by the carbonfyi project as a measurement tool.

The calculations take into account different events related to the life cycle of the NFT:

● Deployment of the smart contract and Fastlove Studios property account allocation: ~480kg CO2.

● Transfer of funds: ~4kg CO2

● Coining of NFTs: ~12kg CO2

● Transfer of NFTs: ~10kg CO2 /per transfer

Take a look at the current emissions figures:

Smart contract deployment and property management.

Smart contract

Minting and transfer of the NFTs

Can I sell my NFT and where?

Of course. You can do it on websites like OpenSea or Rarible or just keep it forever and enjoy the party with Fastlove Studios.

How can I know my Ethereum address?

From Metamask or any other Ethereum wallet management tool, you will find the option to copy the cryptographic address to the clipboard. See this example from Metamask.

How can I provide my Ethereum address?

Just log in (or sign up) to your Fastlove Studios account and enter your Ethereum address ID in the field provided.

How can I use my NFT?

You can use your NFT (with your crypto wallet, like MetaMask) to access many perks and have exclusive access to our Discord by connecting your crypto wallet.

How can I access the exclusive Discord channels?

First of all, you must already have your NFT in your Ethereum wallet (for example in your Metamask).

We currently use to give access to exclusive channels on our discord. When you log in to our Discord server, go to channel 👋 welcome and once there type:!join

A reply from the bot will let you know that you have received a direct message. Look for the chat with and follow the link it provides. Your default browser will open and ask you to select the Ethereum wallet tool you want to use (e.g. MetaMask). It will ask you to sign a message. This action serves to verify that you are the owner of that Ethereum address, and there is no cost (no gas fees). Once this is done the bot will inform you that your Discord role has been updated giving you access to an exclusive channel.

A few moments later you should see the HOLDERS folder with some channels inside. Enter, say hello and start collaborating.

What is Blockchain technology?

In short, it's a database that, due to its configuration, cannot alter any record already stored, although it does allow you to add new ones to update the stored content. Being decentralized, it seems the perfect solution for business and social needs such as traceability, uniqueness, immutability of data, anonymity (in some cases) or elimination of intermediaries. Ethereum is an example of a Blockchain network.

What is a smart contract?

In some blockchains, you can encode some software programs that run automatically on the blockchain and allow you to interact to read and write (update) the records of the blockchain itself through dApps (decentralized applications). These programs among the most common actions they perform can retrieve content (such as users, account balances, etc.), transfer assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens, etc.), authorize actions based on some defined criteria (custody, transfer orders, etc.), and sign actions (approval of conditions, etc). Smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain using a cryptographic address of the blockchain with the payment of the gas fee corresponding to the transaction.

What is a crypto token?

It is an object that can represent a limited series asset, a service or privileges (perks) in the physical or virtual world. It is a derivative of a smart contract that is created on a blockchain (Ethereum, for example).

The most common tokens are fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The blockchain provides token holders with proof of ownership.

Fungible tokens are divisible assets and indistinguishable with their peers as they have the same characteristics and intrinsic value being the closest thing to fiat currencies (ordinary coins). What matters is how many tokens are owned rather than which ones. They can be thought of as a unit of currency that allows them to be exchanged and transmitted between accounts (crypto addresses, like an Ethereum address). They are also used to grant votes, make decisions, reward contributor participation, be a counter-value for real assets (security token), or access specific services (utility token).

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are a type of token that differs from other tokens in that they lack the property of fungibility due to their uniqueness, so they cannot be divided or exchanged. The ERC-721 type is unique while the ERC-1155 can have a series of the same token indistinctly.

What is a crypto address?

Crypto addresses are the accounts to manage cryptocurrencies and/or tokens in each blockchain. In short, they are already created in advance (unlike IBAN bank accounts) and with the same password (12 words or so) the account can be regenerated.

What is a crypto wallet?

It allows you to manage one or more addresses for one or more blockchains.

How can I create an Ethereum wallet and address?

MetaMask is one of the most popular and easy to use tools for crypto wallet management. Follow the example of how to create a wallet with MetaMask and you will instantly get an Ethereum address as well.