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Our Genesis is an intrepid proposal of community-centered NFT that unlocks a completely different way of interacting and participating with Fastlove Studio altogether. .

Blockchain technology is the perfect ally to build a new social and economic scenario in which people, in community, can regain our sovereignty to build the society we want to live in.

We are focused on a radical Wellbeing: balancing individual, social and planetary health.We are truly engaged on being completely transparent and Carbon Negative.That's why we offset more than 110% of all CO2 emissions related to our NFTs.


Benefits and utilities

GENESIS_FLS #001.1 holders will be the very first to be invited to discuss proposals and craft the path of FLS, along with many other priority perks, benefits and utilities that will be eventually unlocked


GENESIS_FLS #001 comes with a free 100% organic cotton t-shirt (NFTee) that links you directly to the community.

We conducted a Life Cycle Analysis of the t-shirt with Bcome to identify and correct potential social and environmental impacts.

Click HERE to see the traceability and sustainability.

Environmental challenge

Blockchain paradigm presents a major environmental challenge but we are expeditionaries
exploring more democratic futures.

The traditional model that we are lefting behind
is the real threat to the planet and people.


Our commitment is to be TRANSPARENT nd we reveal all our environmental impacts. Our NFT is created and exists on the Ethereum network, where electrical consumptions generate carbon footprint, however, this network is working on the development of its upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 by 2022: with which it will reduce consumption to a minimum fraction of the current one, aligning this new crypto world with sustainability -which exists in its foundations-.

While that time comes and we migrate to the new network our PURPOSE is to be CARBON NEGATIVE for which we measure and offset over 110% of the associated CO2 emissions.


We offset the Carbon Footprint of our NFTs by more than 110% through the purchase of 7 tons from NORI for this Regenerative Agriculture project.

We are using as our guideline the CO2 figures coming from the carbonfyi project.

Check out actual figures:
Smart contract deployment and property management
Smart contract
NFT minting and transfers


What is the GENESIS_FLS #001.1 NFT about?

GENESIS_FLS #001.1 is the key to unleash a powerful community where anyone can become a prosumer, enjoy exclusive experiences and becoming a decision-maker leveraging self-government processes taking advantage of the blockchain technologies.

Is GENESIS_FLS #001.1 crypto-art?

This NFT is also art and goes beyond its visual appearance to become a utility tool to unlock community experiences with Fastlove Studios.

Do I need an Ethereum address to buy GENESIS_FLS #001.1 NFT?

No, you don´t need it for purchasing the NFT, yet you will have to provide your Ethereum address for receiving your NFT. If you have not one, no worries, you can go ahead and we will help you to create it later. As soon as you create an Ethereum Address, you would have to sign up and let it us know. We will then transfer the NFT directly to your Ethereum Address.

Upon the purchase, you are the rightful owner of the NFT, and we will keep it until you have your address created and share it with us.

How do I use my NFT?

You can use your NFT (with your crypto wallet such as MetaMask) to unlock many perks and have exclusive access to our Discord while connecting your crypto wallet.

➡How can I check if I have received my NFT?

After transfering the NFT it will be available in your wallet. However, if you use Metamask you will not be able to see it directly. Metamask receives and hosts NFTs but does not display them natively so we propose 3 options to see your NFT:

  • Go to Opensea and link your Metamask to see the NFTs you have there.
  • Download the app Rainbow on your mobile phone and you could link it with your Ethereum Address (the one you have offered to make the transfer). You will only have to copy and paste it in the indicated box and you will have linked Rainbow with Metamask. This way, through Rainbow's interface you will be able to see all your cryptoassets, including your NFTs like the one from Fastlove Studios.
  • Using an asset viewer such as
How can I create an Ethereum wallet and address?

MetaMask is one of the most popular and easy to use crypto wallet management tools. Follow the example of how to create a wallet with MetaMask and you will instantly get an Ethereum address as well.

How can I provide my Ethereum address?

Just log into the shop with your credentials and go to the user profile page ("My account"). Place such Ethereum address on the defined field on the shopify profile page.