Total Transparency


Show the whole story

Transparency is fundamental to knowing what we buy. The more we know, the better decisions we can make. That's why we open wide, so you can see what's behind everything we do.

We believe it's our responsibility to show the full story of who we are and what we do and why we do it. We want to show the whole iceberg, to avoid the opacity that prevents people from knowing what they are choosing and if it matches what they are really looking for.

FastLove is built on deep ethical commitments; we ask big questions and make choices for people and the planet. This shapes the kinds of things we do and say, so we work to make them known to everyone. In fact, our commitments can only be fulfilled when they go hand in hand with responsible and ethical consumption, and for that it is essential to see everything that lies behind them. To see the facts beyond eloquent words that say little.

Sustainability starts with data

We assess our products and practices with BCOME. Sustainability starts with data. If we want to change and improve we need to know first. BCOME is a platform for sustainability and innovation management mainly (but not only) in the textile and garment industry that analyses and verifies the environmental and social impacts associated with products and company performance in order to create a more responsible supply chain. In this way we create an environmental and social labelling of our products favouring the necessary traceability and transparency for comparability and ethical consumption which, in turn, facilitates transformation. You can find all the information in the product sheets and through the QR code on the labels.

disclose costs

We apply full transparency to our RRP, disclosing all the costs that our products bear; from production, transport or marketing so that you can see what the real profit margins are. In all these matters we work to eliminate the impacts transferred to nature and society and, therefore, we incorporate strategies that may have somewhat higher costs. However, as part of our commitments we determine our final prices by setting ethical profit margins that are below traditional margins so that sustainability can be economically accessible and affordable responsible consumption can exist.

Knowing how what we buy is made and what kind of operations or commitments make it up allows us to make better consumption and use decisions. Transparency is the perfect ally to value more what we buy, and thus take care of it and conserve it so that, as a result, we need less.

Understanding and appreciating the value of our clothes is fundamental to learning to live with less. The more we know, the better decisions we make, the more we value what we have, the longer it will last and, as a result, the less we will need.

We are working to be even more transparent and make public as much data as possible about our operations and our structure; taxation, accounts, salaries, and much more.

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