Our very first NFT with a unique value



Our Genesis is an intrepid proposal of community-centered NFT that unlocks a completely different way of interacting and participating with Fastlove Studio altogether. You joining and embracing this disrupting challenge is what drives this initiative forward and makes it meaningful.

Blockchain technology is the perfect ally to build a new social and economic scenario in which people, in community, can regain our sovereignty to build the society we want to live in.

We embrace the features that delivers such as transparency, traceabiltiy, community decision making, decentralized financial support, censorship resistance, experience the metaverse, social tokens, DAOs and many more. It’s an opportunity to build the future we all deserve while creating a meaningful community that explores uncharted territories.

We are focused on a radical Wellbeing: balancing individual, social and planetary health. We are truly engaged on being completely transparent and Carbon Negative. That is why we are offsetting more than 110% of all CO2 emissions related to the NFT lifecycle.

and utilities

GENESIS_FLS #001.1 holders will be the very first to be invited to discuss proposals and craft the path of FLS, along with many other priority perks, benefits and utilities that will be eventually unlocked.

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Environmental challenge

Blockchain paradigm presents a major environmental challenge but we are expeditionaries exploring more democratic futures.
The traditional model that we are leaving behind is the real threat to the planet and people


Our commitment is to be TRANSPARENT and we reveal all our environmental impacts. Our NFT is created and exists on the Ethereum network, where electrical consumptions generate carbon footprint, however, this network is working on the development of its upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 by 2022 with which it will reduce consumption to a minimum fraction of the current one, aligning this new crypto world with sustainability -which exists in its foundations-.

While that time comes and we migrate to the new network our PURPOSE is to be CARBON NEGATIVE for which we measure and offset over 110% of the associated CO2 emissions.

Carbon offsetting

We offset the Carbon Footprint of the NFTs by 110% through the purchase of 7 tons from NORI for this Regenerative Agriculture project.

We are using as our guideline the CO2 figures coming from the carbonfyi project.

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Why are we minting our first NFT?

It’s time for an alternative economy and a new governance. One in which power is decentralized, in which people as peers can build in equality and with a collective force, new ways of living.

What is the GENESIS_FLS #001.1 NFT about?

GENESIS_FLS #001.1 is the key to unleash a powerful community where anyone can become a prosumer, enjoy exclusive experiences and becoming a decision-maker leveraging self-government processes taking advantage of the blockchain technologies (learn more on What is the blockchain technology?) and new business, democratic and social models.

The NFT is bundled with a free 100% organic cotton NFTee t-shirt designed for this exclusive event (see Do I need to pay shipping costs to receive the free t-shirt?)..

It will mean access for you and commitment for us.

How can I buy a GENESIS_FLS #001.1 NFT?

Get your NFT (or a bunch of them) directly on our shop.

Do I need an Ethereum address to buy GENESIS_FLS #001.1 NFT?

No, you don´t need it for purchasing the NFT (see What’s an NFT?), yet you will have to provide your Ethereum address (see What’s an Ethereum address? and How can I create an Ethereum address?) for receiving your NFT (read When are the NFTs delivered?).

Upon the purchase, you are the rightful owner of the NFT, and we will keep it until you have your address created and share it with us.

How many GENESIS_FLS #001.1 are available?

There are only 300 of them.

Which are the perks of the Genesis_FLS #001.1?

You holders will be the very first to be invited to discuss proposals and craft the path of FLS with their voice and vote, will be shortlisted for amazing experiences, will have automatic discounts and airdrops, have early access to products and merchandise, and access granted to restricted content areas on website and discord. Check the whole overview of the perks here.

Many other NFTs might come but getting Genesis will always set you in the pole position.

Where is the community?

We have a fully open community. You can join us on discord. If you are a Fastlove Studios NFT holder you will also have access to specific channels (see How can I access the exclusive channels in discord?).

Do I need to pay shipping costs to receive the free NFTee t-shirt?

No, we cover all the shipping costs to your physical addres

How do I use the NFT?

You can use the NFT without any restrictions to unlock the perks (check What are the benefits or perks of the GENESIS_FLS #001.1?) with a crypto wallet such as MetaMask and use on any web or software (for instance discord, see Where is the community?) that connects to your crypto wallet.

The NFT besides being a collectible item has several services and advantages which will be communicated to you so you can benefit right away.

Check the whole overview of the perks here.