Cyro inherited 150 Bitcoin in 2015.
He started BTC mining farms in Africa
with that money. Empowered families and communities to depend on themselves. ✊


Archie can hack essentially anything, including your heart 😏 Loves a cold beer. Knows how to mine Bitcoin.


Sanni believes that technology should
always work in favour of nature.
Sanni is ready to make s**t happen.


She got a neck tattoo on a recent trip to Lombok. 👁‍🗨 Teaches choreography at the local community centre.
💃 Lives in a simulation.


Surya does not mess around.
Rooted in the past with a vision of the future. She has lived many lives.
She is an ancient soul.


Kiri says YES to free the nipple.
Knows how to throw a good party.
Also knows how to throw
a good seedbomb.


He plays base in a band.
Grows hydroponics.
Calls his mum everyday to
ask ‘What’s.