As the owner and the organisation responsible for the website, FASTLOVE STUDIOS, S.L. (hereinafter, FASTLOVE STUDIOS) makes this document available to users, along with all the documents mentioned herein, for the purpose of complying with the obligations set forth in Law 34/2002 of 11th July, on Information Society and Electronic Commerce services (hereinafter, LSSICE, according to its Spanish acronym) and to inform all users of the website about its conditions of use.


All those who access this website assume the role of user and undertake to observe and strictly comply with the provisions set out herein and with any other legal provision that could apply.

Through the website, FASTLOVE STUDIOS offers users information and contents related to the products it sells. The website contents include:

Information about our products and our company.

The option of purchasing our products.
Access to social networks in which FASTLOVE STUDIOS is present.
The option of contacting the company through the contact form.
FASTLOVE STUDIOS websites and social network profiles:
Main website:

Owner of HELLO AUSTRALIAN, S.L., with Tax ID B42649707 and registered office at C/ Juan de la Cierva, 43, 2 planta, local 4 y 5 Elche, Alicante / Spain 03203.

Social network profiles: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Twitch, TikTok.


In accordance with the duty to provide information set forth in Article 10 of the LSSICE, we hereby provide the following information:

FASTLOVE STUDOS is the name used by HELLO AUSTRALIAN, S.L. to provide information about its products on the Internet.

Tax ID: B42649707.
Address: C/ Juan de la Cierva, 43, 2 planta, local 4 y 5 Elche, Alicante / Spain 03203.
Telephone: +34 617 078 518.
Contact email:
Website domain:

Filed with the Commercial Registry of Alicante in Volume 4223, Folio 23, Entry 1, Page A-165621 on 13th June two thousand and nineteen.

The above address shall be considered its postal and contact address for all notifications.


Access to and use of this website and the contents obtained or which may be obtained through the same are subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Legal Notice, to the provisions of our Privacy Policy, to our General Conditions of Sale and to our Cookies Policy.

Access to and use of our website implies reading, knowing and accepting these articles and the above texts. We therefore advise you to read them carefully, given that you are accessing and using the website as a User and under your sole and exclusive responsibility.

All acts performed that are contrary to the above texts shall be considered null and void.

FASTLOVE STUDIOS reserves the right to make changes to its website without notice, in order to update, correct, modify, add to or delete its contents. We therefore recommend that you read our legal texts every time you access our website. All changes made to the texts shall apply from the moment they are made available to the Users, i.e., as soon as the change is published. We shall always indicate the date on which the latest change was published at the bottom of the texts.

FASTLOVE STUDIOS declines all liability for damages caused by you, as a User, resulting from incorrect or improper use in your relations with third parties, which is your sole and exclusive responsibility.

On the other hand, as a User, you are responsible for the truthfulness of the information you provide through the forms that we place at your disposal. Any falsehood in the data you provide shall be considered sufficient grounds to deny you access to our website.

We also inform you that you must pay all costs incurred in proceedings brought against you for breach of the provisions of this text or the rest of the texts that are set out above.


Access to, use of and / or downloading any content included in any section of our website confers upon you the status of User, which means that you accept and fully and unreservedly adhere to the conditions that regulate our website.


As a User, you undertake to access and use our website in a diligent and proper way, observing the following rules and assuming all liability that could arise from breaching such rules:

You undertake not to commit identity theft or pretend to be another person.

You acknowledge and accept that you will use the sections of our website strictly for personal and private reasons.

It is strictly forbidden to authorise third parties to use the website in full or in part or to enter or include the contents of our website as your own business activity.

You undertake not to use our website and / or its contents to perform any activity that is contrary to law, ethics, good practices or public order and / or for purposes that are illegal, prohibited or are detrimental to the rights and interests of third parties.

You undertake not to disseminate, store and / or manage any of the contents of our website that could infringe copyrights, third-party rights or any laws that regulate rights of a civil, criminal, administrative or any other nature.

You undertake not to cause damage to our physical and logical systems or to those of our suppliers or partners by spreading or disseminating computer viruses or other similar elements that could cause such damages on the Internet.

You agree only to use this website in order to view the contents that FASTLOVE STUDIOS makes available to its Users so that they can receive information about and purchase its products.


Users of our website may freely consult the information and contents our of website. No access restrictions are applied to the same unless it is detected that a User breaches the terms of this Article, of our Privacy Policy or of our Cookies Policy.

If you, as a User, decide to request information about our products, you should follow the instructions given in this section, which are set out below:

Acceptance of our Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


As a User, you acknowledge and agree that all industrial and intellectual property rights (registered trademarks, author’s rights over photographic and literary works, technical articles or articles of opinion and other rights over the materials and contents of our website) correspond to FASTLOVE STUDIO or to the parties who have granted us a licence of use, as the case may be.

To use the contents provided through our website, you must obtain written permission from the website owner, the author of the literary or photographic work, etc. and in all cases, you must do this in accordance with the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of 12th April, which approves the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law.

We ask you, as a User, to respect all industrial and intellectual property rights that could arise from any contents incorporated into our website.

Under no circumstances shall FASTLOVE STUDIOS be held liable for possible infringements of industrial and intellectual property rights committed by you as a User, arising from the works -regardless of their type-, designs, trademarks, utility models, patents, etc. incorporated into our website.

More specifically, we hereby inform you that:

All the contents included in our website and all other images, photographs, information, messages, graphic elements, drawings, audio files and / or recordings, texts, videos or other elements are protected by the respective intellectual property rights (author’s rights) and are thus subject to the terms of the Revised Text of Intellectual Property Law 1/1996 of 12th April.

FASTLOVE STUDIOS grants no licence of use or authorisation whatsoever in relation to the works appearing on its website, or over rights related to works of third parties incorporated into its website, unless expressly agreed in writing.

It is strictly forbidden to copy, publish, communicate or make available to the public, distribute or transform any part of or all of the contents incorporated into our website, for any purpose and in particular, for commercial or advertising purposes, on any carrier and using any technical means, without the written permission of the author of the content in question. In the event of breach of the above provisions, FASTLOVE STUDIOS has the right to file any legal action it considers appropriate.

If our website contains trade names, trademarks or mixed, figurative or nominative distinctive signs, logos or symbols belonging to third parties, this is because we have obtained the respective permission to use them from the third parties in question or because they are used solely for descriptive purposes, and in such cases, the trademarks correspond to their legitimate owners.

FASTLOVE STUDIOS, S.L. holds all industrial property rights resulting from the registration of the domain name

FASTLOVE STUDIOS, S.L. holds all industrial property rights resulting from the registration of the FASTLOVE STUDIOS trademark and it reserves its rights in relation to any other trademarks, distinctive signs and / or industrial or intellectual property rights not mentioned in this document over which it holds rights.



FASTLOVE STUDIOS has no control over the websites that could be linked to our website. For that reason, as a User, you acknowledge and accept that we decline all liability for the contents, information, opinions and concepts issued, published or distributed on the websites you may access through such links, or for the products and / or services you may purchase on such sites; or for any other contents, products, services, publicity or other elements available on the linked websites.

As a User, you should take every precaution in evaluating and using the information, contents and / or products and services on the linked websites.

In this regard, if, as a User, you are made aware of the illegality of any activities carried out through third-party websites that are linked through our website, please inform us immediately, so that we can disable the link that provides access to those websites.

The use that FASTLOVE STUDIOS makes of such links is simply to provide the User with more information. Since they are unrelated to us, we cannot assume any liability for the contents accessed through such links, or the consequences of accessing them.


FASTLOVE STUDIOS is present on Facebook and Instagram, without prejudice to the possibility of being present in other social networks in the future.

In relation to the information about contents uploaded / linked on the above social networks, those networks inform the Users that they are uploaded solely for informational and informative purposes and for promoting the products offered by FASTLOVE STUDIOS and they decline all liability for the decisions taken by the User based on the same, and for damages and harm caused to the User or to third parties based on said information.

FASTLOVE STUDIOS shall make every attempt to promote the quality of the information by correcting errors in the data received and by managing the sites in accordance with good practices, and allowing third party users to file reports about offensive and improper comments that have nothing to do with the topics discussed, photos published or videos unrelated to the topics discussed on the social networks.

In such cases, FASTLOVE STUDIOS, as the manager of the social network profile in which it is present, shall have the authority to delete all information not in keeping with the quality, purpose and correct informative and leisure services provided by the social networks. Nonetheless, despite our intention to ensure the highest quality of the contents, it shall not be held responsible for the above-referred information.

We hereby inform Users that access to social networks requires a service / supply by other providers of information society services. On the basis of the above, FASTLOVE STUDIOS cannot assume any liability for the reliability, quality, continuity and operation of said social networks and is therefore unable to prevent their suspension, cancellation or inaccessibility for reasons beyond its control.

Furthermore, FASTLOVE STUDIOS declines all liability for damages or harm suffered by the User for reasons related to failures or disconnections in social networks and which could cause information losses, suspensions, cancellations or interruptions in the service before or during the provision of the service.

If the User considers that any of the websites linked through the social networks in which we are present include illicit or inappropriate contents, they may report it to FASTLOVE STUDIOS as set out in the infringements notification procedure indicated below, and we shall take the necessary steps to delete them from our profile.

Under no circumstances shall FASTLOVE STUDIOS be held liable for the contents and services and / or products offered on the websites linked through the profiles of the social networks in which we are present, and so we shall not accept any liability for damages caused by the illegality, quality, lack of updating, unavailability, error or ineffectiveness thereof.



If you intend to link or link another Internet portal to our website, you must comply with the following conditions:

The total or partial copying of any of the products or contents of the website is not permitted, and no “deep- links”, IMG links, image links, or “frames” may be established unless they are previously authorised expressly and in writing.

No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements may be made about our website, or about its products and / or contents.

The websites on which links to our site are established must not contain any trademark, trade name, establishment sign, denomination, logo, slogan or other pertinent distinctive signs unless this is expressly authorised in writing; furthermore, they must allow our website to be displayed in full on the browser screen, without the contents being shown through “frames”. FASTLOVE STUDIOS reserves the right to ask third parties to withdraw the links established to our website whenever it wishes.

The establishing of the link does not imply the existence of any relationship whatsoever between FASTLOVE STUDIOS and the owner of the website or portal from which it is made, or the knowledge and acceptance by FASTLOVE STUDIOS of the products and contents offered on that website or portal.

FASTLOVE STUDIOS declines all liability for the contents or products made available to the public on the website or portal from which the hyperlink is established, or for the information and statements included therein.


As a User, you must not make any incorrect use of our website by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other technologically harmful or dangerous program or material.

You should also not try to access this website, the server where it is hosted or any other server, computer or database related to our website without authorisation, and you undertake not to attack the website by means of “denial of service” or “distributed denial of service attacks”.

Breach of this clause could constitute the committing of offences classified as crimes pursuant to Spanish law, and we therefore reserve the right to report such breaches to the competent authorities and we shall cooperate with them in discovering the identity of the attacker.

FASTLOVE STUDIOS declines all liability for damages or harm caused by a denial of service attack, virus or any other technologically harmful or dangerous program or material that could affect your computer, computer equipment, data or materials as a consequence of using our website or downloading contents from it or that are rerouted by it.


At the request of a third party, FASTLOVE STUDIOS reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to any User who breaches the terms of this Article or any of the other legal texts that regulate our website and are mentioned above, without having to give advance notice.

As a User, you are aware and accept of your own free will that using the website and its contents is always carried out under your exclusive responsibility.

Moreover, FASTLOVE STUDIOS grants no guarantee and declines all liability for any damages that could arise due to:

The lack of availability and technical continuity or operation of the website.

The lack of efficiency, adaptation or validity of the website, its services, contents, etc. for the purpose of responding to the needs, activities or expectations of users.

Any negligent or illicit use of the website in general that is not in keeping with the provisions of the above-referred legal texts, good faith ethics or public order.

Errors: In relation to the existence of errors or pricing inaccuracies on the website, given that the contents have been drafted in accordance with current regulations and the principle of good faith, they will be corrected by FASTLOVE STUDIO at the earliest opportunity and as soon as they are known.


This website is governed by the provisions of our Privacy Policy, our General Conditions of Sale and our Cookies Policy. For this reason, we ask you to read them in full.


We at FASTLOVE STUDIOS observe and protect the privacy of our Users and our Clients, and the industrial and intellectual property of third parties. For this reason, we ask the Users of our website to show us the same respect.

If you consider that there are facts and / or circumstances that indicate the illicit use of contents and services or any other circumstance on this website that reveals or could reveal its illicit nature, please contact us at the following email address: contact@

Please indicate the allegedly illicit activity in the email that you send us and provide proof of identity so that we can contact you if we require any further information.

This procedure must be followed, above all, when the supposedly illicit activity refers to an alleged violation of industrial or intellectual property rights, the image rights of an individual or rights that infringe your own personal data or the data of the person you legally represent

The complainant must provide a precise and concrete description of the protected contents and their exact location. We shall subsequently take the opportune measures to prevent this infringements reported by Users.


In the event that any clause of this Legal Notice, our Privacy Policy, our General Conditions of Sale or our Cookies Policy were to be declared totally or partially null and void or without effect by any Court, the remaining clauses shall continue to remain in force.


This Legal Notice shall be governed by the laws of Spain. The language used to write and interpret the legal text of the Privacy Policy, the General Conditions of Sale and the Cookies Policy and all other legal documents published on our website is Spanish, but such texts may be made available in other languages for the convenience of the user.

Likewise, in the event of a dispute, the Client may have recourse to ordinary jurisdiction, pursuant to the regulations on jurisdiction and competence.

In cases in which the Client is not a “Consumer or User”, the parties expressly agree to submit to the Courts of the City of Alicante, since this is the place in which the Agreement is signed, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that could apply to them.

These texts shall not be filed separately for each user, but remain accessible on the Internet from the links enabled for this purpose.


We hereby inform consumers that the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform (“ODR Platform”) is currently operative in all EU member states, including Spain.

Users are informed that in the event of any dispute arising with FASTLOVE STUDIOS consumers, a new, simple, multilingual and accessible European procedure for resolving disputes exist, which consists of the following:

Consumers should access this platform and complete the online complaint form. Once completed, it will be sent from the platform itself.

The complaint will be sent to FASTLOVE STUDIOS, which will propose to the consumer an alternative entity to resolve the dispute.

Once the consumer and the seller have reached agreement as to the mediation entity that is going to resolve the dispute, the platform will sent the complaint to the chosen entity.

The medication entity will take charge of the case via email and will propose a solution within a maximum term of 90 days.