5 books to pack in your backpack this summer (and make you question what you know)

Stealthily and without warning, this week summer has arrived with the promise of a dream vacation. A few days in which to combine adventure and rest to recharge your batteries in the heat of the summer.

If you are one of those people who take advantage of the summer to let your imagination fly under the protection of books, we have a surprise for you: a selection of five titles that will make the free hours brief moments and you will discover parallel universes and interesting futures.

"Your consumption can change the world", by Brenda Chávez.

In the words of the author, "we have the individual responsibility to know what we are consuming because what makes the world evolve is the people who have planted themselves and generated new models". In this wonderful book we will find a book to discover that not making decisions is much worse than making mistakes and that action comes through information, through numerous interviews with personalities and key actors of this change, which brings utopia closer to our reality. A book to show that change is possible and that everything starts with oneself.

"The Three-Body Problem, by Cixin Liu.

Awarded the Hugo Award for Science Fiction in 2015, if for anything this book rose to fame was because Obama recommended it among his Christmas readings and Mark Zuckerberg selected it as the first book in his book club. And no wonder, since this novel that begins with the Chinese Cultural Revolution raises questions, philosophizes about the society in which we live and to which we belong and makes us think about the role that humanity plays in the future of the Earth, which is probably why it has prescribers such as the aforementioned.

"Sustainable Wardrobe: Learn how to shop consciously and intelligently", by Laura Opazo.

Do you know how many clothes you have in your closet that you don't wear? Or who is behind that t-shirt you like so much and how much water was needed to produce it? In this reading, Laura Opazo tells us the history of the textile industry and reveals the serious environmental and social consequences that fast fashion brings with it to introduce us to the world of sustainable brands and discover alternatives of consumption that improve our relationship with fashion.

"The gift of napping", by Miguel Ángel Hernández.

The siesta, that little guilty pleasure so pleasant during the summer days, is the protagonist of this brief and luminous text written halfway between essay and memoir. An ode to that moment which, in the author's own words, "is a gift, a refuge, an interruption, a light moment of happiness in the midst of the storm".

"Four Futures: Ecology, Robotics, Labor, and Class Struggle for After Capitalism" by Peter Frase.

What will life be like after capitalism? With this question begins this book in which, through economics, sociology and the most pop universe of science fiction, they draw four possible futures that, far from pretending to be right, try to create in us conscience so that we avoid the worst of the four. A book in which ecologism, work, robotization and class struggle are the keys on which everything depends.